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Chalmers Innovation Office provides professional and free support and advice to individuals and different research groups at Chalmers regarding innovation and utilisation. Our goal is to facilitate utilisation of academic research and thereby contribute to creating value for both society and industry. We also work directly with the university management.

We provide support regarding utilisation in many different forms:

The Innovation office can also guide you through the innovation system and help to channel the support offered by other actors.

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Chalmers Innovation office provides support and advice to researchers at Chalmers in order to enable utilisation of research results and thereby creating extended value for society and industry.


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RT @MatsRydehell: Energimarknad i positiv förändring… https://t.co/9Sk8EmWgtP
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RT @ChalmersEnergy: Positiva trender för förnybar energi @ChalmersEnergy https://t.co/XJKh3lOQOG
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Nytt innovationscenter för elektromobilitet på Lindholmen #göteborg @volvocarsglobal #elbilar #energi https://t.co/OSBE9MPXSC
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@losman_vgre @AndersWijkman Importantly for #chalmersftw and @IKChalmers is that @AndersWijkman is also chairman of @ClimateKIC