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Here you find case stories from a selection of project that the Innovation office has worked with over the years. We hope you find inspiration in how these individuals have utilised their research to create societal impact. 

Research theory meets practice - A personal mobility project between Chalmers and Ericsson

Research theory meets practice

During 2016, selected researchers at Chalmers have participated in a personal mobility program. The project between Chalmers and Ericsson has focused on so called technical debts during software development. 

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We create real impact together - A personal mobility project between Chalmers and Volvo Cars

We create impact together

During 2016, selected researchers at Chalmers have participated in a personal mobility program. One project has focused on establishing a cooperation between Chalmers and Volvo Cars in the area of competence development.

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Together for a sustainable future - A personal mobility project between Chalmers and ABB

Together for a sustainable future

During 2016 selected researchers at Chalmers have participated in a peronal mobility program. The focus of the project between Chalmers and ABB has been in the area of renewable energy.

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Waterweave want to increase access to clean water by using smart textiles. Thanks to the verification funding from Chalmers Innovation Office, the project team chose to invest in cleaning rainwater.

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1928 diagnostics

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are one of the biggest threats to humanity, according to the World Health Organization. Each year, 25 000 EU citizens die as a result of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections. This is something that 1928 diagnostics intends to change

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Stayble Therapeutics

Every year about 1,000 people in Sweden undergo surgery for spinal fusion due to chronic lower back pain. When the disc ages, cracks appear in the outer shell that allows the liquid core inside the disc to leak out. The nerves become irritated and the patient experiences extensive back pain.

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Secure wireless charging of electric vehicles

Researchers at Chalmers, the research institute Viktoria Swedish ICT, the automotive subcontractor QRtech and Vattenfall, wanted to develop a secure technology for wireless charging of electric vehicles.

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Collection of short examples of verification projects

A verification project aims to answer the most critical questions that need to be answered before continuing the innovation process. Below, you find some short examples of projects with a variety of verification questions.

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Hopefully your story will be featured here in the future. Don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can help you.

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Innovationskontor C (5 hours ago)
RT @SWEbeams: #SWEbeams Workshop pågår, inte med vilka som helst, gräddan av svenska användare av neutroner och synkrotroner vid bl a @UU_U…
Innovationskontor C (11 hours ago)
Ny utlysning från @vinnovase kring cirkulär och biobaserad ekonomi, förstudiemedel nu och full ansökan våren 2019…
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Do you have interesting ideas related to #energy and #climate? Joint the @CKICNordic #CleanEnergyHack in Copenhagen…
Innovationskontor C (2 weeks ago)
Därför ska vi engagera oss i Hållbarhetsdagen
Innovationskontor C (2 weeks ago)
Samarbete med Kina för forskning, utveckling och innovation inom life science och trafiksäkerhet