Finding new ways to treat mobility disorders

VectorizeMove aims to revolutionize the way mobility disorders are treated through wearables and advanced algorithms.

ONE OUT OF FIVE people experience mobility impair-ments at some point in their lives. With the aging of the population, the number keeps increasing. When it comes to treatment, even though medical institutions provide analyses, the duration between appointments are often very long. Neither doctors nor patients are able to follow the process and face difficulties in tracking the effectiveness of the treatment. This leads to de-motivated patients and unfinished treatments.

VECTORIZEMOVE IS DEVELOPING a wearable for the ankle to collect data from movement and to use in rehabilitation of both humans and animals. The data will then be used to enable medical personnel and patients to visualize the quality of movement and improve the treatment.

– The vision is to increase the interaction between patients and doctors and to be a means for better health in society, Siddhartha Khandelwal (Founder of VectorizeMove) says.

THE STORY OF VectorizeMove began with Sidd-hartha Khandelval doing his PhD at Halmstad University. Through an Innovation Advisor at Halm-stad University the project was connected to the Chalmers Innovation Office.

– I have got a lot of support from the Innovation Office. I don’t think anything of this would have been possible without them, Siddhartha says.

VECTORIZEMOVE HAS also been involved with the Idea Evaluation course at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. In the course a small team of stu-dents get to look at business ideas from different perspectives and evaluate the opportunities.

– The work of the students gave a lot of new insights, especially in new markets that I had not thought of before, Siddhartha says.

A COMPANY WAS formed in January 2018 and the final prototype has been designed. The next step for the team is to develop their own software and hardware and start prototype testing. The plan is to ship the first product in December 2019.