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During a research project, several different types of results are developed besides the main result i.e. the answer to the research question; methods, models, software, data, design or inventions. These can often be utilised independently for the benefit of other researchers, industry, or other organisations.

But the results from a research project are rarely as ”finished” so that it can work practically in the long-term in a company or society. Therefore, verification is often a necessary step in order to confirm that the idea is worth to develop further. This could for instance be that a method developed in the laboratory can function in a larger scale, that there is demand and a market willing to pay for a product or service, that it can be done at a reasonable cost, that it is a sustainable product, or that a method is better or safer than existing solutions. It can also be that an invention is patentable or protected by other means of intellectual property rights.

The first step in the process is always to contact us. Together, we discuss and develop a proposal for a verification project and how it should be executed. It could for instance be appropriate to divide the project into several phases each with its own verification focus. A verification project normally takes 6-9 months with a maximum of 300 000 SEK in funding.

Over the years, more than 200 verification projects have received funding from the Innovation office. You can read about some of them here

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Chalmers Innovation office provides support and advice to researchers at Chalmers in order to enable utilisation of research results and thereby creating extended value for society and industry.


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