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GoINN started in 2008 and has now entered its third and final stage that lasts until the end of 2016. The project is the results of Göteborgs universitet’s and Chalmers’s applications to Vinnova’s Nyckelaktörsprogram which had the goal of developing structures for utilization and collaboration at universities.

Vinnova finances the project and the purpose is to strengthen the innovation support systems at both universities and the development of models, processes and tools that can be implemented and integrated in the daily operations of the innovation offices and other university-related innovation system actors.

Since the start, GoINN has developed and changed, affected by the changes in the outside world as well as inside the respective universities. Compared to earlier stages, both universities have now much more clarified strategies for collaboration and utilization. Due to this, the final stage of the GoINN-project can focus on the integration of actors in the innovation support system with the research- and educational processes at the universities.

Project leader: Anna Aspgren

Project results:

The main result from the first two stages on the GoINN-project has been well-established processes for exchange of information and experiences between the innovation system actors in Gothenburg; the innovation offices at GU and Chalmers, GU Ventures, Chalmers Ventures and the incubator at Sahlgrenska Science park.

In addition, several work processes have been developed and concepts tested, for instance, the AIM®day developed by Uppsala University, evaluation of participation at BioEurope, new forms for summer intern projects connected to the innovation support system, a handbook on Open Innovation, evaluation and initial development of e-Learning methods that will be utilized in a PhD-course.

During the summer of 2015, students at Chalmers and Göteborgs universitet worked on innovation-related projects under the supervision of employees at Chalmers.

During the final stage, focus will be on development projects that are in line with the strategies for collaboration and utilization at each participating university. Examples of ongoing activities at Chalmers are:

  • Develop work processes for utilization and sustainable development in Areas of Advance, building upon tools developed at Chalmers Innovation Office.
  • Develop Good Practise for collaboration agreements, including check lists, to facilitate and extend the collaboration with the Chalmers lawyers and the possibility to reach researchers early on in the agreement discussions.
  • Develop methods for verification of eHealth-project together with researchers, IT-competence and health care. 

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Chalmers Innovation office provides support and advice to researchers at Chalmers in order to enable utilisation of research results and thereby creating extended value for society and industry.


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