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We define Impact Communication as communication activities done by the university with the specific purpose of creating positive impact for a specific target group in a relatively short time using recently developed knowledge from the university. We have developed a set of Impact Communication tools aiming at helping communication officers and innovation advisors work together in order to support departments, research groups and individual researchers who aim at becoming better at creating impact. The tools can be used in combination with other tools developed and provided by the Innovation Office.

When selecting what tools to use, the process always starts with investigating the goals and ambitions of the department, group or individual. Then a strategy is selected, also taking available resources into account. The next step is to select which tools to use.

  • The Impact Communication Web Analysis tool is aiming at providing research unit managers and communication officers with (a) insights regarding opportunities and (b) a process for making strategic choices regarding how to develop their website.
  • The Impact Story tool combines continuously gathering data creating an ”impact case” that can form a basis for one or several impact stories to be used in external communication.
  • The Personal Web Page Boost tool provides tips and examples on how a researcher can boost his or her personal university web page through adding information about utilisation and sustainable development.
  • Next Step Interview is a tool for helping department management making sure that not a lot is lost when a coworker leaves the university and instead make this into a communication and relationship-building occasion.
  • The Poster Design Workshop provides the participants with a set of questions that will help them design good posters and that they start to apply immediately.
  • Application for Funding workshop provides examples of how researchers can think about target groups, utilisation and communication in order to create better research funding proposals.

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Chalmers Innovation office provides support and advice to researchers at Chalmers in order to enable utilisation of research results and thereby creating extended value for society and industry.


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