We create impact together

KLOSS AkUt (Akademi Ut) is a "spin-off”-project to KLOSS that started in the spring 2015 and includes 11 collaborating universities. The project is based on an identified need to increase the possibilities for teachers and researchers to be able to work, for a set period of time, in an organisation outside the university in order to gain inspiration for new collaborations and increase the overall knowledge of relevant issues and topics in the partner organisation.

The starting point for these personal mobility programs, that take place within the framework of the project, is to create mutual and longterm benefits for both the university and the partner organization as well as increasing the knowledge exchange between academia and the surrounding society. At Chalmers, we have chosen to focus our efforts to enable personal mobility exchanges between three (3) of our Areas of Advance (ICT, Transport and Energy) and three (3) of the university’s existing strategic partner companies (Volvo Cars, ABB and Ericsson). 

The goal of the project is to establish a cooperation between Chalmers and Volvo Cars in the area of competence development. The intention is to create a platform for creating small, directed training-research modules for selected areas such as software architecture, continuous integration etc. Such training will include both the theoretical aspects of the area, practical exercises and a research lookout for the area.