PhD Summer School August 20 – Sept 2, 2017, Gothenburg and Frankfurt.

Time for PhD Summer School on circular business models in the chemical industry here in Gothenburg and Frankfurt.Turn your research into practice and create climate and business impact with our PhD Summer School on Sustainable Production Systems. The industrial sector uses a large part of raw materials and more than half of the global energy consumption. Where better than here could innovations lead to meaningful transitions? Apply the concepts of closed-loop value chains and circular economy to innovation processes for one of the major manufacturing industries in Europe: the chemical industry which will serve as a case study for the two-week programme. Engage with stakeholders, discuss with experts, work in interdisciplinary teams and develop innovative solutions.

This Summer School offers a learning-by-experiencing approach to tackle real-life challenges. Providing a broad range of in-depth theoretical knowledge, hands-on cases to apply the learning, inter-disciplinary thinking and cooperation, you will be able to boost your skills through the summer in Sweden and Germany.

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